Corporate Travel

Zahid Travel is proud to be part of Reed & Mackay’s International Partnership and to be the exclusive representative of Reed & Mackay across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Travel Management Solutions:

A dedicated Corporate Customer Experience Consultant is always available to meet your day-to-day requirements.  With an in-depth understanding of your comprehensive travel needs and the objectives of (1) Managing your annual travel budget (2) Achieving the best possible rates and (3) Managing all booking requirements in a timely manner.


Your dedicated Consultant has access to our Premium services and can readily assist you with your VIP travel requirements.  From a dedicated concierge to private aircraft and unique on ground services, our premium team are dedicated to considering all the details of VIP travel for your executives.


We are here to help, even when there is no business involved.  Your Customer Experience Consultant is supported by our holidays team who are here to organize trips for your employees and their families.  The team is focused on creating memorable and enjoyable travel for every customer, working within their budgets to achieve the holiday they have been yearning for.


Sometimes you will need a no frills, quick fix solution that is simply about the cheapest possible rate.  We offer appealing airline fares to endless destinations and accommodates the last minute needs of travelers.

Self Booking Solutions:

As part of its commitment to delivering unique travel management solutions to businesses of all sizes; Zahid Travel will be the first travel services provider in Saudi Arabia to offer a self booking tool that will be launched in 2018. 

From large size corporations to SME's, the self booking tool delivers:


All data and information is 100% secure


24/7 and supported by our corporate call center


Ability to view billing, engage our call center, monitor travel activities and have a personalised travel solution at your fingertips


Transparent and flexible pricing solutions


Tailored to corporate travel policies, delivers travel reports and analysis