Zahid Travel was established in 1958 as one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first travel agencies.  Since that time, Zahid Travel has evolved into a Kingdom wide, highly regarded customer experience consultant with a dedicated team that is committed to guiding businesses and individuals to their travel aspirations.  As travel enthusiasts, we demonstrate our passion through the delivery of extraordinary travel experiences across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and well beyond.  

Our Offering.

As part of its commitment to deliver comprehensive travel solutions across tourism travel, destination management and business travel Zahid Travel engages audiences via three brands that invite them to go with Zahid Travel.

It is all about personalisation.  GoZahid is our leisure travel brand.  Via our team of passionate Customer Experience Consultants we create memorable travel experiences for our customers.  Our travel packages are based on our understanding of each customer's travel aspirations, age, cultural preferences, family or group size, desired activities and budget.  Find out more by visiting:



Our passion for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been the driving force behind the establishment of our destination management arm: GoZahid Destination Management.  Working Closely with the Ministry of Tourism, the Saudi Tourism Authority, Saudia Holidays and other public and private sector stakeholders we deliver holistic destination management solutions.


We are proud to be the exclusive representative of Reed & Mackay in Saudi Arabia.  (Reed & Mackay is part of the TripActions Group).   This partnership gives us on-the-ground presence and support in over fifty countries.  Therewith giving each customer the confidence that we are with them every step of the way.  With a digital travel booking solution for business solutions and a well versed corporate travel team we adapt to the needs of corporate customers of all sizes

A Unique Approach To Travel

At Zahid Travel, we take complex travel demands, simplify them and convert them into real traveler value.  We leave no stone unturned to find potential in the highest performing travel programs.  We are all about personalization, understanding and transparency.  It’s how we live and operate and keep our customers happy.

Proud to be part of Reed & Mackay’s International Partnership and to be the exclusive representative of Reed & Mackay in Saudi Arabia.  Reed & Mackay is part of the TripActions Group.